Shoes sign serial number distinction genuine and fake NIKE

Introduces the first schematic drawing. In the chart is SHOX SUPREMACY which in 2002 produced, please note in the map-read the picture horizontal line part: ①: The habitat, MADE IN CHINA produces on behalf of China. ②: Production date, ” 021202″ On behalf of December, 2002 to second year in February production leaving the plant. ③: Production plant serial number, ” LN3″ Probably is NIKE in Fujian’s factory, the full name is ” Fujian greatly abundant group Limited company ” . This aspect’s thing it observes the RAVEN beforehand posting, inside has a more detailed explanation to the shoe box and the factory site. ④: Shoes’ measurement. ⑤: This is 9 goods numbers which we will introduce mainly! In the chart 9 goods number is 305522-101, we must divide into it two sections, respectively is 305522 (the first yard), 101 (the second yard), below I come 11 explanations. The first yard digit, in the new numbering system already no longer on behalf of the shoes funds’ series function category, was only uses as the system recognition’s ID number. All shoes funds head code all by ” 3″ Expressed. As for the following five digit expressed that under the new marking rule’s several model of product, digital more representative promotes the time to be later. However has the place which must pay attention, the new marking rule’s first pair of shoes’ serial number is ” 02001″ , but is not ” 00001″ . This distinguishes the false shoes to everybody to have the help, in end in me will introduce how to distinguish the false shoes using the number. The second yard digit represents the shoes funds color the information, specifically regular and original same, please see also the above article. I only simply summarize in here: The color comparative table is as follows: 0: Black/ash/silver, 1: White, 2: Brown/champagne color, 3: Green, 4: Blue, 5: Purple, 6: Red, 7: Yellow/gold, 8: Orange, 9: The gold (has metal feeling). The happy share rule is as follows: The first digit represents the instep color; The second digit represents Logo the color; The third digit usually uses for to differentiate the first 2 figure same same funds shoes. Summarizes, 305522-101 meanings are: Under the new serial number rule, the ID number is 05522 shoes funds, and the white instep, silver Nike Logo, simultaneously is the first model of shoes which this model of shoes white silver hook matches colors. Has distinguished the false shoes since using the serial number rule has been one of most direct effective means that although is not all vacation shoes is wrong good, what but may be affirmative is the wrong number definitely is the false shoes. Under me cites an example to introduce how to use this method. In the chart is outward appearance imitation side alike Aj16 assembling shoes, certainly to differentiate me specially to revise a place, the familiar friend should very easy look at this point. But regarding has not seen the Aj16 person, what it before I revise really makes the flawlessness, is unable to distinguish from the contour, even if will talk into is the factory shoes will have the trust. Says in light of this, even if we have not seen the material object real shoes, also did not know that the correct goods number, only depends on the serial number rule recognition, may also very easy be possible to reveal it. We have a look, this shoes’ goods number is ” 830222-101″ , then it has two points to be wrong: The first spot, Jordan series’s basketball shoe’s first 3 should be ” 836″ Or ” 136″! Therefore this pair is false! The second spot, the face color code, black coat of paint’s shoes is how possibly ” 1″ Character opening? Depending on also guesses may know that should be ” 0xx” Matches the color code. If has the schematic drawing reference, black instep, red LOGO, then matches the color code to be possible to determine that is ” 061″ . Therefore this pair is false! Moreover, but also has the nike factory code question. . . Here I also summarize factory code Qingdao which I knew: qt, qs, qh (mostly produces track shoes) Guangdong: y1, y2, y3 (presently alters to y3-n) the upscale basketball shoe as well as the training shoes, xc (resists basketball shoe), fc (sandals as well as outdoors) sf (football shoes) Suzhou: hj (resists track shoes) Fujian: ln1, ln 2, ln3, ln4 (mostly sohx, restores the old) Indonesia: ir, ip, iw Thailand: ba, pa Vietnam: vt, vs


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